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We will use our expertise to support you throughout the entire buying process by providing all services, guidance and protection necessary when purchasing a property in Budapest. We are jointly English and Hungarian owned and strive tobe
a friend you can always rely on.



Nothing feels better than entering a home for the first time and knowing you are the first to leave your mark on your new surroundings, that's what a new build property is all about. Decked out with the very best in modern decor, you simply can't go wrong



Head downtown for a twist of young and old, where the architecture can date as far back as the late 1800's. When stepping inside one of our recently renovated homes you wouldn't know it though as the interiors look brand new. It's simply the best of two worlds combined

Fancy a swimming pool in your back garden or how about a state of the art gym in your basement?

When budget isn't an issue and you fancy a bit of that "La Vida Bella" beautiful lifestyle, we have the perfect solution with our latest luxury homes collection



Buying in Budapest could be a great opportunity for one of the following reasons:

A future retirement option in a country where living costs are low and therefore there is large potential for an improved lifestyle

A holiday home which is affordable, offers great spring and summer weather, is deemed to be a low risk investment and can see a great return

It's the perfect time to buy a property in your home country as a Hungarian, either as an investment or as a future home for you or your family if you return

An opportunity to take advantage of letting out your property to the high volume of tourists Budapest entertains throughout all seasons of the year

A great opportunity to get yourself either on the property ladder or expand your existing portfolio at a low cost to yourself, which may not be possible here in the UK due to the rising prices in the property market

A chance to capitalize on the high demand from locals to rent property (we also offer a property management service)




Budapest Property partners with one of Budapest’s leading estate agencies ‘Csaladi Ingatlan’ to bring you the best possible service and selection of properties Budapest has to offer.
Csaladi Ingatlan is a well established business with 20 years experience in the property industry, around 100 employees and great local and legal knowledge.


If you are looking to rent out your property, we can also provide you with a property management service where we can help maintain the premises for you whilst you are abroad and handle any tenant related issues or queries. If property management would be of interest to you then this is something we can discuss together in more detail during your visitor trip to Budapest.

At all times we will work around you to put together the most convenient property viewing schedule. We will collect you from your accommodation and have our agents on hand to answer any querie you may have.

We want your experience in Budapest to be as pleasant as possible so we would also suggest taking advantage of the concierge service we have available, who can arrange for you to be looked after throughout your entire trip. We can organize flights, collection from the airport, transfer to your hotel and also accommodation.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information about any additional services we can provide when contacting us.



Alternatively, You Can Contact Us By


+36 20 334 4189



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