Living space:  73 m2
Number of rooms:  3
Condition: Like new


I am offering for sale this truly demandingly dreamed and constructed home in a wonderful nature. We are greeted by beautiful views from any corner of the property.

73m2, COMPLETE WITH FURNITURE, huge TV is complete for its owner, absolutely EVERYTHING is part of the purchase price. It is a 3-apartment condominium, the APARTMENT is located on the first floor. Built in 2020, solar powered.
As we enter the APARTMENT, we arrive in a wonderful living room with an American kitchen, where everything is for comfort. Mechanized kitchen, a dining table with chairs, a comfortable sofa from which we can enjoy our home cinema. From the living room we enter the 44m2 terrace, where there is a jacuzzi and an infrared sauna, an priceless panorama as far as our eyes can see. You can also enjoy the day and night views from the infrared sauna window. The huge window in the bedroom and the bathroom offers the same view while relaxing in the evening bath.

It is incredibly relaxing for an eye, body and soul to return back to such a home.

There is also a shower, a separate toilet and a smaller room in the APARTMENT, which is now used as a wardrobe by its owners with a huge built-in closet, but it can also be taken out and use as a smaller room, which is absolutely ideal for a child.

Everything in the APARTMENT is designed and made from 100% quality materials, from the kitchen furniture to the tiles. The terrace is fitted with non-slip tiles from Italy, which can be a great advantage after an evening of wine in the jacuzzi.All premium quality, Miele home appliances in the kitchen will only elevate the style of this property. It is really is a little fairy tale apartment wonderfully dreamed up and designed.
Plenty of packing options, drawers and shelves in the built-in cabinets, everything can be packed very practically. The router does not need to look at the wall, it also hides the small cabinet.

The property also has a 78m2 west facing garden, which the current owner has planted with green vegetation which will give an even closer feeling to nature, although we are surrounded by nature all around. Behind the building is the hillside, those wishing to hike do not have to go far. Good air of peace and quiet and the city is only 10 minutes away, easily accessible.

The purchase price also includes a garage where you can park with one car, and there is plenty of space for up to two cars in front of the garage.
The driveway of the car is heated, on which we roll up through the automatically opening gate.
There's a lot more to be described here, but I definitely recommend you check it out because it's really a must-see.

If you are a little interested, feel free to call me from Monday to Sunday, I will be very happy to answer your questions!

III. district - 3 bedroom apartment

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