First and foremost Budapest offers you great value for money on your property purchase.

Budapest, in a nutshell is a more affordable investment opportunity for anyone looking to get onto the property ladder or expand their existing portfolio of properties without the costly price tag that most other European countries and cities incur. You have the opportunity to invest at a more easily attainable entry point. Whatever the purpose of your purchase, Budapest holds numerous investment opportunities.

Budapest is also attractive because it has a very central location within Europe, so it is a great base for anyone wanting to explore neighbouring countries such as skiing and sightseeing destination Austria and popular summer beach destination Croatia.

There is a local airport, situated appox. 25 minutes from the capital by car named Liszt Ferenc Airport which provides the option to visit or return to many UK cities; London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol with direct flights taking around 2 hours, so you or your tenant are never too far away from your homeland, relatives or loved ones.

Budapest is made up of 23 districts spread over 525 square km. The districts come together to make up different areas of Budapest. There are 5 areas or neighbourhoods as some may refer to them as in total. 3 of which are islands and primarily used for recreational purposes, the remaining two will be more of interest to you as a potential buyer and those are named Buda and Pest. Buda and Pest are separated by the River Danube. Buda is the hilly part of the city situated on the west bank of the river and Pest is the flat part of the city situated on the east bank.

What The Locals Say

Hungarians or Magyar’s to put it the Hungarian way, would most commonly describe Budapest as a city based on culture that has over the past 5 or so years undergone a huge regeneration. The number of tourists visiting the city grows year by year. There are now great shopping centres, improved public parks and lots of renovated buildings around the city centre.  The city is small in size so it offers a cosy environment, nothing or nowhere is ever too far away to reach. Transport links around the city are great, there is a tram, train, buses and underground which had a brand new line introduced in 2014.

The weather from April to late September is great, the summer months tend to reach highs of 26 °C. With plenty of outdoor swimming pools, baths and several water parks to keep the locals busy.

The nightlife is the heart and soul of the city, there is something for everyone. Whether you are into the Opera or Ballet, listening to local rock bands, drinking Mai Tai’s at a cool cocktail bar or want to party into the early hours at an exclusive night club, Budapest can cater to all tastes.

What The Tourists Say

Budapest is a great destination for a city break in Europe, its rich in culture, picturesque, and really, really cheap!  A pint of beer can cost as low as 80p and a glass of wine can cost around 90p. Low cost budget airlines fly out several times a day from the UK, the flight time is short and you can arrive at your hotel or apartment you’ve rented for the weekend within half an hour of leaving the airport. Lots of stag and hen parties choose Budapest, there’s lots of companies who solely specialize in organizing the fun entertainment for the long weekend, whether it’s going to a shooting range or racing cars for the boys, painting the town red or visiting the infamous baths for the girls it’s a perfect destination for the bride or groom to be to celebrate in.

It’s also a great destination for couples, small groups of friends and sightseers. The Parliament, Fishermans Bastion and the Royal Palace, where Hungarian royalty once lived, are remarkable landmarks. There are lots of spas offering couples treatments such as couples massage, wraps and scrubs with equally as luxurious surroundings as back home in the UK but at a fraction of the cost, some would say they put the UK spas to shame as they are that great! Groups of friends young or old can enjoy a night out at the theatre, visit an ice bar, go on a boat tour of the river, try some traditional Hungarian cuisine or just party the night away with their nearest and dearest at a dance club.


Take a look at the following website for top visitor tips and lots of suggestions of things to do for; families with children, those looking to venture deep into the rich culture of the historical city of Budapest, the hottest nightlife spots in town, the best places to eat out, the hottest tickets in town to some of the best shows you can find in Europe and much, much more!

What The Facts Say

We don't want you to make your mind up solely based on opinions about why buying in Budapest is a great idea, so we have put together some detailed qualitative and quantitative data, including graphs and charts which demonstrate the certain opportunities that lay before you if you do so choose to purchase a Hungarian property.


The analysis of the property market in Budapest can be viewed and downloaded here


Furthermore, below  is a map of the 23 districts which come together to make up the beautiful city of Budapest. We hope this will give you a better perspective of the capital city. Please also note that on most street signs and maps, the different districts will be numbered in Roman numerals (so don't worry if you get lost, you won't need a Hungarian translater).